Kate Bruton E-Mail LinkedIn Sampling Demonstration Simulation This prototype was developed for the project entitled Usability Testing of an Interactive Statistics Website in partnership with Sloane Hoyle. is a prototype for the new Sampling Demonstration simulation at “Online Statistics Education: An Interactive Multimedia Course of Study (also known as the “Online Stats Website),” an online statistics textbook that offers reading content and simulations for demonstration of statistical concepts. This Sampling Demonstration simulation demonstrates the concepts of random and stratified sampling. The Online Stats Website was created and is maintained by Dr. Lane at Rice University and Dr. Peres and University of Houston - Clear Lake (UHCL).  Current Sampling Demonstration Issues and Stakeholder Recommendations Presentation (Includes Screen Shots of Prototype) Effects of Anthropomorphism on Performance in Robotic Operation (Bruton, Peres, Hoyle, & Nguyen, 2010) In this study, we investigated whether or not anthropomorphising a robot affects how one operates a robot. We introduced anthropomorphism by giving the robot a “warm and fuzzy” background story to suggest that the robot may have thoughts and emotions, and we asked the participants to drive the robot through an obstacle course. Our story did not appear to have an effect on user performance in the obstacle course. Nature Diorama Game My Human Factors Methods project was a prototype of a nature diorama game that could be used to teach children about plants and animals that live in different environments. The prototype includes a forest, savannah, and North American Southwest desert environment with plants and animals that can be moved and placed on the environment background. I composed a user profile, task analysis, a prototype, user testing results, and recommendations for the issues I discovered in user testing. Screen Shot Download Presentation PDF Auditory Navigation System I developed an auditory navigation system for the UHCL campus. This system would allow users to hear driving directions through their car radio. Using the auditory modality can aid users when reading the signs becomes difficult due to dangerous driving conditions. For this project, I completed a user profile, task analysis, a prototype, user testing results, and recommendations for the issues I discovered in user testing. Download Presentation PDF Redesign of University of Houston - Clear Lake Signs Gianna Aldridge and I worked together to redesign the signs used at UHCL for our Human Factors Engineering project. We took pictures of signs around campus and, using our knowledge or human factors gained from the class, created our own versions of the signs we saw. Download Presentation PDF